Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

This is the solutions section for Trainyard, a puzzle solving game for iPhone and iPod Touch. When Trainyard players solve puzzles they can post their solutions here. Most of the puzzles in the game can be solved in hundreds of different ways, so as a Trainyard player, you'll often see solutions on this site that are vastly different from your own.

Can't people use this to cheat?

Sure! In fact, if someone gets really stuck on a puzzle, I'll even recommend that they come here to find the solution for it. That being said, the fun of Trainyard is in discovering your OWN solutions for the puzzles.

What's a unique solution?

If two players solve a puzzle the exact same way, only the first solution will be "unique". The second one is considered the same as the first, and is therefore not unique. In any list of solutions you see on the site, only unique solutions will be listed(ie. no duplicates), unless you're looking at a specific user's page.

What are solutions sorted by?

Solutions are sorted by track count, which is the number of pieces of track that were used to create the solution. The lower the track count the better. The track count consists of two parts: ex. 20+7 - in this example, 20 is the number of squares that have any track on them, and 7 is the number of those squares that have two pieces of track on them. The first number is more important, and the second number only matters if the first number is the same between two solutions.

What if two solutions have the same track count?

If the solutions are identical, then only the first one will be considered unique. If the solutions are different, then they will both be considered unique, but the one that was submitted first will be ranked ahead.

Can I delete my solutions?

There are no passwords or logins in an effort to keep things simple. If you want to delete a solution or do anything else to your account, just shoot me an email:

What are user-made puzzles?

User-made puzzles are puzzles that have been created with the puzzle editor in the newest version of Trainyard. The editor is only available in the full game, not in Trainyard Express.

What are featured puzzles?

Featured puzzles is a hand-picked list of the best user made puzzles, and it is updated periodically. When new puzzles are added a message will be posted on Twitter. You can follow @MattRix or @Trainyard to get those updates.